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Fire Prevention and Inspections

The Captiva Island Fire Control District Inspection and Prevention Division has the responsibility to provide a safe setting for our residents, visitors, business owners and their patrons through our education and enforcement of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

Lieutenant Shawn Kilgore leads our Fire Safety Inspectors.  The District provides fire inspection services while educating the benefits of fire safety and fire prevention.  Fire Inspections are broken into three categories; new construction, on-going compliance, and re-inspection.  Inspection types include; fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler, LP gas installations, fire pumps, elevators, fire hood suppression, and construction remodeling.  Fire Inspectors may issue fees for violations that are not corrected following a written notice.

Key points for Life Safety to help keep your business safe and successfully pass a fire inspection:

  • Emergency lights must function if the building is equipped with these lights.
  • All Exit signs clearly posted and must function if equipped with lights.
  • All required exits must be kept clear from storage and obstructions.
  • Extension cords cannot be used as permanent wiring.
  • A licensed contractor must repair holes in tenant separation walls.
  • Fire extinguishers must be fully charged and be mounted at the proper height and location.
  • Installed fire alarm or sprinkler systems must be inspected and tested by a licensed contractor.
  • If your business or residence has a Knox Box (secure box for holding keys) make sure it has the correct keys to access structure.
Insurance Service Office (ISO) Rating 
May contain: sign, symbol, and first aid

The ISO assigns ratings to all fire departments (paid, volunteer, and combination) in the form of four types of evaluation and fire suppression; fire department, emergency communications, water supply and community risk reduction.

The Captiva Island Fire Control District Public Protection Classification rating is a 3, with 1 being the most desirable and 10 being the least desirable.  The District received this rating with a full evaluation by the ISO in June of 2020.

May contain: cylinder, gas pump, machine, and pump
May contain: electronics and mailbox


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