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Electric Vehicle Recommendations- Fire Risk!

May contain: fire personnel, vehicle, training, and water

It is the recommendation by the Captiva Island Fire District is that if you have any vehicles or equipment that is powered by lithium ion batteries that may have been submerged in salt water from Hurricane Ian that they be moved into the driveway away from any structures.  These batteries have been the cause of multiple fires all over Lee and Collier Counties after the hurricane.  Our guidance from the experts in the industry is that these batteries cause extreme danger and have the potential to catch fire weeks after submersion.  The added risk from these fires is the toxic chemicals that are released into the air creating a dangerous hazmat situation.  These fires are very difficult to extinguish needing thousands of gallons of water and multiple hours to cool down.   If you have any questions, please call 239-896-2057 and I will try to assist the best I can.  Please review a few of the articles below from recent news outlets and government officials.

Jeff Pawul, Fire Chief

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